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5 tips to get more energy


5 tips to get more energy

5 tips to get more energy

1. Practice 30 minutes of exercise

It does not have to be intense, but it is proven that developing a sport activity, even a lighter one , for 30 minutes helps in releasing stress and increases energy levels. In addition, exercise helps quality of sleep, improve blood circulation and release endorphins which improve mood.Apart from that exercise improves muscle tone and and strengthens your bones. But what if we are lazy ?  The solution to that  is to go for a walk for half an hour!

2. Respect your sleep schedule

It is one of the most obvious things to retain a high energy level  every day. But in most cases it is not achieved. To enjoy a night of restful sleep, stay away from any junk food before sleep.  It is also not recommended to practice sports before going to sleep, since exercise stimulates and generates hormones that keep you alert and therefore more awake. Try to relax and leave the mobile or tablet outside the bedroom.  It is best to take a bath or a hot shower to leave us in a state of optimal relaxation to go to sleep.

3. Monitor blood sugar level

Avoid having sugar peaks by eating evenly. Each meal should include proteins and complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, oats, nuts, fruits, legumes and vegetables. For snacking, you should opt for a few nuts and a piece of fruit, this way you will have a healthy, balanced diet and keep your energy levels during the day. A drop of sugar causes a feeling of fatigue and fatigue, so you should not miss any food.

4. Choose energy foods

You should keep in mind that vitamins and minerals are the ones that help your body synthesize the macronutrients, for which you must take great care of what you eat. Vitamins B and C are key to obtaining energy. In addition, vitamin C is essential for the absorption of iron, which helps transport oxygen to cells. Choose foods like soy, wheat bran, spinach or tea to help you synthesize the iron as well. Vitamin C is especially present in citrus fruits and kiwis. One more reason to eat more fruits and vegetables!

5. Drink water!

Hydration is key to keep our metabolism running and our energy levels high. As we become dehydrated, we begin to notice fatigue (physical and mental) and drowsiness. In addition to water, you can choose to drink tea or coffee, but remember that caffeine affects your sleep hours. Fruits and vegetables are also a source of water and vitamins, so remember to take between 5 and 10 servings a day.

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